Angela Barter, CPRP

Mitigating the Risks of “Greenwashing”

Public Relations professionals have a special obligation to practice their craft ethically (PRSA). Publishing environmental claims that cannot be substantiated or proven can be construed as being unethical, or what is known as “greenwashing”. The risks include negative publicity, irreparable brand damage and loss of stakeholder trust. PR practitioners will undoubtedly face ethical dilemmas in the future, especially in terms of environmental issues. A PR practitioner, well-versed in environmental issues has an opportunity to guide companies in terms of crystallizing their communication and environmental intent and becoming a valuable asset to the decision-making process for the company.

Discover these risk strategies:

  • Understand and bring legitimate stakeholders needs to the boardroom
  • Understand the risks of “greenwashing” and how to mitigate these risks
  • Suggested principles of ethical PR environmental decision-making


With more than 17 years of experience, Angela Barter is a widely-respected public relations specialist and Sustainable Communication Strategist. She holds a PGD in Environmental Management from Stellenbosch University and a GCX qualified residential eco-auditor and carbon footprint analyst certificate.

She is a highly-regarded public speaker at public relations and sustainability events and has written numerous articles featured in a range of media including her contribution to the Handbook of Public Relations (10th Edition) by Skinner, Mersham & Benecke. Her work in the field of Sustainable Communication is grounded in a solid background in classic PR practices and a sound insight into social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Barter is a PRISA (Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa) Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (CPRP). Recognised as an outstanding businesswoman with a Nedbank Business Achiever Award, she is also actively involved in supporting local charities and contributing through her local Businesswomen Association (BWA) and the local Business Chamber.

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