Colleen Killingsworth APR, FCPRS, MCM

Assessing the CPRS Pathways to the Profession: Perspectives on Corporate Communication Leadership Competencies and Credentials

Co-author: Terence (Terry) Flynn, PhD, APR, FCPRS

This study sought to assess the value of academic and professional competencies, skills and credentials necessary for participation in executive leadership roles. It serves as an important contribution to the growing body of knowledge on competency frameworks as professional associations, such as the Canadian Public Relations Society and the Global Alliance, take leadership positions in providing educational institutions with sets of standards for public relations and corporate communications education.This is the first study of its kind and helps to close the gap between academic and professional cultures by examining the perceived competencies and skills of Canadian senior public relations/communications management leadership.


With more than 25 years' experience in communication, Colleen Killingsworth is a public relations executive with a strong track record in leadership, strategic planning and project management. Her experience encompasses a wide variety of assignments such as program consolidations and moves, reputation management and branding strategies, multi-stakeholder communication, product launches, collateral development, communication audits, and special event planning and execution.

Killingsworth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno, and a Master's of Communication Management (MCM) from McMaster University. Her work has won local, national and international awards. After experiencing some early success in international academic competitions, she is continuing to pursue publication, research and teaching opportunities.

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