Dorien Kartikawangi

Symbolic Convergence of Local Wisdom in Cross-Cultural Collaborative Social Responsibility: Indonesia Case

Kartikawangi’s study examined CSR activities of Multinational Corporation in Indonesia; particularly how they adjust/adapt to the local wisdom in their efforts to attain its CSR goal. It also shed light into the challenges organizations face and the cultural underpinnings that influence their organizational responses.

The main theory applied in this examination is the Symbolic Convergence Theory, supported by the Accommodation Communication Theory. Three Multinational Corporations in Indonesia were chosen as subjects, with analysis done based on Collaborative Social Responsibility Model (Kartikawangi, 2015) and Cross Cultural Communication Competence in Business interaction model (Kartikawangi et al, 2016).


Dorien Kartikawangi is a lecturer for the School of Communication Science and Masters of Psychology, Postgraduate Studies, at the Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta, as well as, the Postgraduate Program in the Department of Communication Science at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Kartikawangi is also the founder of the House of Kartika Kusuma, which oversees DK Consulting, a Public Library and Batik Gallery. She has been involved with various social organizations at both the national and international levels, including Secretary General of the Indonesia Communication Higher Education, Vice Chairman of Research and Competence for the Indonesian Public Relations Association and member of the International Communication Association (ICA).

Her many publications include: Fantasy Theme, Business Communication Strategy of Multinational Corporation (2013) and Accommodation Communication for Social Harmony (2015). Kartikawangi is also an active writer for various journals, and involved in various academic and professional speaking forums at the national and international levels.

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