Eric Bergman, BPA, ABC, APR, MC, FCPRS

Bridging the Gap Between Truth & Transparency

This highly interactive session may not shake previously-held beliefs about the question-and-answer process, but it promises to give food for thought about the concept of “bridging to messages.”  

Participants will gain insight into truth, deception and lies. They’ll understand how to apply the Polarization Model to the challenge of managing real and/or perceived hostility. They’ll learn why pause-answer-stop is the key to navigating these concepts effectively. 

Along the way, the session will examine what constitutes the truth, how that may or may not differ from transparency, and the role of answering questions clearly and concisely as the bridge between the two. The session will underscore why answering questions clearly and concisely:

  • Helps organizations communicate more effectively. 
  • Enables organizations to enhance their ability to communicate strategically.
  • Protects organizations and their spokespeople effectively.


Eric Bergman is arguably the world’s most credentialed and experienced media training consultant. He has helped organizations manage issues and crises, and coached spokespeople, for 34 years. His media training program, At Ease With the Media, has helped thousands of spokespeople from five continents manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes, while protecting themselves and their organization every step of the way. 

Bergman holds a bachelor's degree communication studies from Athabasca University and a two-year diploma in advertising and public relations from Grant MacEwan College. 

He is an accredited public relations practitioner (APR), an accredited business communicator (ABC), and a master communicator (MC)—which is the highest distinction that can be bestowed upon a Canadian member of IABC. In 2014, he was named a member of the College of Fellows of the Canadian Public Relations Society (FCPRS).

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