Ezri Carlebach

Design Thinking + PR = #FuturePRoof Practice

Long, long ago, but maybe not so far away, human beings didn’t discover fire – they designed it. Design is relatively new as a profession, but it’s always been the way people have made change in the world. Today, designers have come out of corporate back rooms and into the C-suite, and ‘design thinking’ is high on the agenda in all kinds of businesses, public sector services, and even government policy.

Come to this session and learn the principles of design thinking… why it’s the hottest strategic methodology right now… and why PR is a natural place to develop design thinking approaches. The session will be hands-on, interactive, and creative, but you won’t need a black polo-neck sweater. This is about practical, purpose-led, and integrative change for an increasingly unpredictable world.


Ezri Carlebach is a consultant, writer, and lecturer with a background in senior communication roles for public sector, corporate, and non-profit organisations. He has led major change communications in the financial services sector and high-profile rebrands in arts and education institutions. He is a Senior Associate of the PR Network, the world’s largest virtual PR agency, and his current and recent clients include the European Training Foundation, the UK College of Policing, and the Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture campaign.

He has served in numerous volunteer leadership roles in IABC, including UK Chapter President and Chair of the international committee of the Gold Quill Awards. He is a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association, a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Carlebach is Visiting Lecturer in Public Relations at the University of Greenwich.

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