Fraser Likely, APR, FCPRS

Structure of the PR/Communication Department: Findings From a Major International Study

Co-authors: Danny Moss, Krishnamurthy Sriramesh

This study interviewed and surveyed Chief Communication Officers from five continents on the factors that influence the choice and type of organizational structure for their PR/Communication department.

This presentation will offer a broad overview of the study, focusing on the core findings regarding 'size' of the PR/Communication function, the choice of vertical and horizontal structures and the choice of organizational units within the structures.

The global study was funded by the IABC Research Foundation and was conducted by a team of five researchers: Dr. Danny Moss, Fraser Likely, Dr. Sriramesh Krishnamurthy, Dr. Peter Stokes, Dr. Maria Aparecida Ferrari and Bert Regeer.


Fraser Likely is President and Managing Partner of Likely Communication Strategies, where he works with Chief Communication Officers to improve their PR/Communication department’s strategic and planning management, structural and organizational management and performance management and measurement. 

Likely is an active member of the two top measurement bodies: the Institute for Public Relations’ Measurement Commission and the Association for Evaluation and Measurement of Communication (AMEC). He is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Communication at the University of Ottawa, where he teaches public relations courses. He has published book chapters and articles in peer review journals.

He has presented at various academic and practitioner international conferences, including: the Global Alliance's World PR Forum; Bledcom; PRSA; CPRS; IABC; The International Public Relations Research Conference; History of Public Relations; and the IPR’s Measurement Summit.

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