Jaimie Abbott


Jaimie Abbott

PR Without Borders / The Communications War in Afghanistan

How powerful are public relations and social media strategies when used in the war on terror?

How is the enemy using PR strategies to project propaganda to fight modern-day wars? 

What value did it provide having military officers media trained in Afghanistan?

The use of social media is rapidly becoming a powerful weapon for information warfare and changing the nature of worldwide conflicts.

Jaimie Abbott set up the very first media training program for International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) spokespersons in Afghanistan, in response to insurgent groups deploying their own PR strategies which included developing social media campaigns and training media spokespersons.

During this workshop you will get a first-hand insight into how the enemy is turning to social media to spread their message and how powerful PR strategies can be when used in modern day conflicts.


Jaimie Abbott is an Australian award-winning media professional, having spent over fifteen years in the industry working as a Radio and TV Journalist, Political Media Adviser, Federal Political Candidate, Managing Director of her own media training company and a Communications Adviser and Military Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.

In 2011 Abbott was deployed to Afghanistan for six months, where she worked as a Media Interview Trainer in Kabul at Headquarters International Security Assistance Force. There she developed the very first media training package for spokespersons on the war in Afghanistan and was a part of the Public Affairs Team working alongside her United States counterparts.

Abbott has worked as a Radio and Television News Presenter and two years ago set up her own media training and PR company. She has trained senior executives around the world in media and crisis communication from the corporate, government and community sectors.

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