Janet Morgan, MCIPR

Independent Consultant, formerly Director, Global Content Strategy and Planning, GlaxoSmithKline

The Cultural Gap – Communications from the Centre

We live in an increasingly connected and global world. The internet and social media have opened up new ways to connect freely and instantly with people around the world.

Despite this, we remain separated by a multitude of languages and cultural norms. What is humorous in the UK can fall flat in Holland, while plain speaking in the USA might cause offence in some Asian countries.

So in a global business, what can the central communications team do - and avoid - to help local businesses tell the same story while appealing to diverse regional audiences, local practices and cultural norms?  And what influence should the local communications team have?

Using a series of case studies and referring to key cross-cultural academic work, this session will look at some simple principles and practices that can help communicators address cross-cultural complexities in global activities while still conveying a consistent message. 
Subjects covered include:

  • Barriers to speaking a common language
  • Cultural norms and practices
  • The importance of context
  • Getting the most out of translations
  • The role of leaders vs communicators


Janet Morgan is an experienced communications professional, who specializes in the areas of healthcare, medicine and science.

Currently an Independent Consultant, in the last decade, she has held a range of senior roles in communications and government affairs at GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s largest consumer healthcare companies, and the fourth largest company on the London Stock Exchange.

Morgan started out as a medical journalist before crossing over to communications to advise clients on media strategy and crisis communications. As a communicator she is fascinated by the potential of digital technology to force change, and in how technology can enhance communications and audience interaction.

Twitter: @jbmorang

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