Jennifer Paukman


Jennifer Paukman

Social Sharing and Viral Content in Public Relations

What is viral content? Why do people share online? Communication technology is developing at an alarming rate and it’s difficult to keep up. Public relations practitioners must find a way to make clients and products stand out through the overwhelming noise and chaos online. This is done through leveraging social sharing, crafting viral content and enhancing word of mouth.

Existing research takes a marketing approach to the topic, demonstrating the need for a communications-based content development model.

With trust in institutions decreasing, trust and authenticity in PR are more important than ever. This study uncovers how viral content and the psychology of social sharing can benefit communications campaigns through a literature review and interview with a Canadian expert in digital communications, media and politics at Navigator, a high-stakes public relations firm.


Jennifer Paukman created BNE in 2009 turning her passion for event marketing into a disruptive concept that took Toronto’s entertainment industry by storm. Deciding to take her love for marketing, communication and brand experience further, Paukman graduated from the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Humber College with award-winning achievements. Afterwards, she worked for a marketing and PR agency while also taking on freelance clients. In 2016, she launched Honey PR, an innovative lifestyle collective that helps clients: “Catch more buzz.”

Paukman attributes her success to a passion for innovation, understanding social sharing, viral content and traditional/digital media integration. She has also developed a knack for design, storytelling and building brand experiences. Above all, she values the power and impact of word of mouth.

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