Jesper Falkheimer, PhD

Is Strategic Communication Too Important to be Left to Communication Professionals? Managers’ and Coworkers’ Attitudes towards Strategic Communication and Communication Professionals

Strategic communication has become an invaluable asset for organizations, but the roles and functions of communication professionals are unclear. There is also a need for more focus on horizontal communication processes in contemporary organizations. These statements represent some of the findings of a current three-year research project about communicative organizations based in Sweden, and supported by the Swedish Association for Public Relations.

The study involves eleven governmental and corporate organizations and features a large quantitative study and a qualitative study, whose overall objective is to increase knowledge about the importance of communication for strategical goal achievement in organizations.

During the presentation, earlier research on the value of communication in organizations and the role of communication functions and professionals will be followed by a presentation of the preliminary results of the quantitative empirical study.


Jesper Falkheimer, Ph.D., is Professor in Strategic Communication at Lund University, Sweden. He has spent the past several years in both research and university management positions, currently being Rector for Campus Helsingborg since 2011.

Falkheimer is both the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Communication Management and associate editor of the forthcoming International Encyklopedia of Strategic Communication. He recently published Strategic Communication, Social Media and Democracy (co-edited with T. Coombs, M. Heide and P. Young) and has previously authored and edited more than 90 other publications.

He is an active member on numerous boards, including the Swedish Public Relations Association, the communications agency Gullers Group, the advisory boards of European Communication Monitor and Corporate Communication International, and Programme Director for Communication Executives Programme at Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education. He is a member of Arthur W. Page Society.

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