Mohamed Fahmy

Journalist, Author and Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia

Public Relations in the Age of Terror

In this riveting keynote, journalist Mohamed Fahmy will discuss the circumstances surrounding  being falsely accused of being a terrorist and the extraordinary measures that were needed to end his 400 day incarceration in an Egyptian prison. He’ll explain how press freedoms and ethics are being threatened by governments and endangered by media organizations, and will speak to the role that public relations played in obtaining his release.  NGOs and human rights advocates use their public relations influence every day for journalists and prisoners of conscience.

With the inextricable link between PR professionals and journalists today, Fahmy’s reflections on the importance of free speech and objective reporting during the war on terror will provide invaluable insights into the international media landscape; a landscape fraught with an unprecedented number of attacks on journalists, freedom of speech and human rights, where reporters are targets of both governments and extremists alike.


Mohamed Fahmy is an award-winning journalist and author known for his coverage of global events for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Dubai TV, Al Hurra and CNN.

In 2013, Fahmy garnered international attention after being incarcerated in Egypt for allegedly conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood to circulate false news.

Fahmy was held alongside hardened terrorists for over 400 days, as Egypt faced an outcry from international authorities, demanding his release.  

Following his full pardon in 2015, Fahmy returned home to Canada to begin his path of reflection on his life-changing experience with both The University of British Columbia and the University of Michigan.

Twitter - @MFFahmy11

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