Paulo Henrique Soares

Director, Corporate Communications, Vale S.A.

Challenges in Internal Communication Across Cultures in Global Companies.

An organization’s internal public is an important opinion maker, with a large impact on the dissemination of information regarding the organization. In addition to sharing information, employees can contribute positively (or not) to the reputation of a company.

Internal communication is an important ally for companies during this process, forming part of the management, supporting various activities, and contributing to maintaining a favourable environment for the development and prosperity of all companies.

Soares will discuss how global companies, such as Vale S.A., handle internal communications and what challenges, opportunities and lessons internal communicators face when dealing with international audiences.

In this session you’ll hear how cultural difference directly impacts the growth of an organization in territories beyond its origins and how meeting organizational expectations while simultaneously respecting local cultures is a process that demands respect, constant adaptation and understanding.

He’ll also discuss the following:

  • Launching global initiatives;
  • Delivering corporate news; 
  • Producing global guidelines;
  • Contending with different languages, expectations and experiences influenced by cultural factors


Paulo Henrique Soares currently acts as Director, Corporate Communications for Brazilian mining giant Vale S.A., “the biggest company you have never heard of” according to The Economist, despite being Brazil’s largest logistics operators and one of the largest mining companies in the world.

Soares joined the company almost 20 years ago, and has worked in various roles during his tenure. He’s been especially effective in roles which relied heavily on his sensitive understanding of social concerns, given Vale’s impact on local communities in Brazil and beyond.

In 2015, the Holmes Report included Soares on its annual Influencers 100 list of the most influential in-house communicators around the world. 

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