Shilpa R. Sharma

Values Based Storytelling in a Global Market

Does your brand need attention? Are you interested in utilizing real stories to captivate your audience? You’re not alone.

At the most basic core communications professionals spend most of their time trying to convince. Whether it’s gaining recognition, selling a product or service, recruiting members, or protecting human rights, communicating to a key audience involves persuasion. Storytelling is recognized both as a method of persuasion as well as an invaluable business tool. Learn more about the intersection between cross-cultural theory & practice in this interactive presentation.

This workshop will illustrate (a) how effective communication happens through values-based storytelling, and (b) why this model is especially valuable in an increasingly globalized setting.


Shilpa R. Sharma is a strategic thinker and PR professional with a background in human rights. Born in the United States, Shilpa has worked as a writer, educator, and researcher in a number of countries, affording her the opportunity to learn effective methods of communicating in diverse settings.

She has a Doctorate in Philosophy of Education with a focus on cross-cultural values & character development in the public sphere. She currently resides in Toronto and is the Director of Communications at SEIU Healthcare.

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