T.K. McLennon

20/20 Cultural Vision for Communicators

Culture, Toronto style, is a kaleidoscope of people strengthened by their obvious differences in food, religion, ethnicity, community, etc. But the hidden elements of culture – our thought patterns, deeply held values, how we assign meaning to events – can create spectacular workplace fails and uncomfortable social missteps when working outside of 'home'. This workshop equips attendees with knowledge, skills and approaches to clarify their ability to 'see' culture.

Learn key cultural concepts and dimensions to reshape your thinking. Develop skills through a multi-step ‘lens cleanse’ process designed for communication professionals. Learn to identify and respond to unseen elements of culture in cross-cultural as well as corporate culture interactions.

Walk away from this session with:

  • Your personal cultural map;
  • Your cultural blind spots identified;
  • The ‘stereotype sidestep’;
  • Resources and job aids to ‘do your homework’ on new or unfamiliar cultures.


Toronto-born T.K. McLennon’s experience traveling to 18 and living in five different countries equipped her to get by in four languages and showed her how to march straight past fear and into passion.

She is a former assistant professor in the school of international studies at The University of Ulsan in South Korea, and a former instructor of global management studies at Toronto’s Ryerson University. She is also the founder of Culturiousity, a communications and management consultancy focused on helping clients leverage culture in ways that are sustainable, valuable and life-affirming.

McLennon is the author/compiler of the 2014 anthology, "Trailblasian: Black Women Living in East Asia". Currently, she’s lead communications subject matter expert on a distributed team creating a digital-native open educational resource for an Alberta-based college.

She has a BA in Communications, an MBA, and certification in Adult Training and Development.

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