About Canada


The “True North Strong and Free,” Canada is the second largest country in the world and home to over 35 million people.  With almost 10 million km² within its borders, Canada is a land of great beauty, with rich forests, scenic mountains and crystal clear lakes and rivers encompassing its major cities.

Since Confederation in 1867, Canada’s reputation as a friendly, welcoming nation has led it to become one of the most sought after places to live in the world.   Often described as a “cultural mosaic,” new residents of Canada are encouraged to maintain their heritage upon arrival, adding their cultural identities into the diverse tapestry that is Canada.

Canada is the perfect host for the 2016 World Public Relation Forum, whose theme of Communication Across Cultures reflects our values, beliefs and what it means to be Canadian.  With over 250,000 new Canadians arriving each year, the importance of understanding cultural differences is part of Canadian life and we’re excited to help bring this understanding to the global community.

The Host City – Toronto


As one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Toronto is where international ideas intersect with Canadian culture. A centre of warmth, energy and style, Toronto is enriched by the fusion of traditions, passions and perspectives of the more than 100 cultures found here.

A city of contrasts, the iconic Toronto skyline showcases the modern architecture of glass skyscrapers juxtaposed with historic limestone facades, all flanking the world-famous CN Tower.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy kilometres of beaches, parks and trails nestled against the urban delights of designer boutiques, major shopping malls, professional sporting arenas, upscale fine dining restaurants, and countless fairs and festivals celebrating each of Toronto’s many cultures.

Just beyond the city limits, the picturesque countryside comes alive with even more attractions. Experience the wonder of Niagara Falls’ renowned wine region, the breathtaking thrills at Canada’s Wonderland or world-class theatre courtesy of the Stratford Festival – all located within driving distance of the city.

All this and more await you during your stay at the WPRF 2016. For more information visit Tourism Toronto’s Website.

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